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Customers will never stop shopping

Give them the first impression that attracts them and gives them a reason to shop with you

Humans are visual creatures. Our brains process visual impressions very faster than text. We need experiences that can inspire, create emotions, recall memories and enhance our learning. 90% of the information that the brain takes in comes from visual impressions.

This is why visual merchandising is so effective.

Times have changed, today there is no such thing as online/offline, you have to be in both places, these are the terms today. The customer has also changed, now you want to be able to deliver the goods faster, in the most personal way and the price and quality must be top notch. Beyond that, you must be able to deliver the most personal experience.

It is a big challenge for the entire retail trade, but it also offers some fantastic opportunities if you know how to listen to your customers. Because customers never stop shopping, it's more about where and how.

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Louise Ringgaard Jessen


My name is Louise, I'm a trained Visuel Merchandiser. I've always known that I wanted to help, inspire, and motivate businesses so that they can have peace of mind and grow, all thanks to a visual strategy underlying the entire brand of the store. ✨ Today, I shape the direction of the store, its target audience, brand, ensuring a cohesive strategy from campaigns to social media, to windows, store layout, focus areas, events, emails, advertising, and more. I know how to get the most out of your business, giving customers a reason to spend their money with you. Together, I believe we can achieve incredible results and create the coolest experience for visitors.


Louise Ringgaard Jessen

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