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Consilimo AS c/o Lauvring A/S

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  • Blooms
  • Serviteur
  • Edelweiss
  • Gus

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Oslo, Norge

Tidaholm, Sverige

Vildbjerg, Danmark

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Consilimo was founded when Serviteur and Edelweiss was fushioned to one company, in january 2020, bringing with them more than 40 years of experience as complete suppliers of packaging, accessories, interiors and decoration to both retail stores and the florist industry.

In july 2020 the swedish brand GUS Design also became a part of the family and from 2021 all of our florist supplies, both in packaging and tools/accessories for florists is marketed and sold under the brandname Blooms. We are a reliable business partner, offering a wide range of high-quality products and a high level of service.

The merging of these brands benefits our customers, by giving them the opportunity to order from four brands in a joint webshop, with one invoice and one delivery – from one company.

We have showrooms in Jevnaker, Norway and Tidaholm, Sweden where we display the products from all four brands.

We even have a smaller showroom in Oslo where we display the packaging and wrapping paper from the latest season from our brand Serviteur and in Vildbjerg, Denmark with products from Serviteur and Blooms, along with a small collection of candles, napkins and decoration from Edelweiss.

We invite customers to our showrooms ceveral times a year to show the news for next season.

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Krestine Larsen


Krestine Larsen

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