ART BREAK by Eckmann • Hall H

Explore the ART BREAK area by Danish trend expert Anette Eckmann


When the world is chaotic and disruptive, we turn to art. We are living in a time of crisis causing radical changes in our lives while we live through war, economic challenges and lack of food and energy. Many people are fearing sickness, environmental changes and the future in general. 

Contemplation, the present time and fascination with the nature of art are suddenly becoming sources of inspiration, enabling us to survive in an alarming world. 

Art appeals to the senses, positive experiences, the unconscious self, the inexplicable.

Seasonal trend café at formland

Get curious about the season's colorful workshops

Art – a break in the middle of chaos

Art is more than decoration. Being surrounded by art becomes a kind of casual activism that helps to soothe, reconstruct, ease worries and encourage a new kind of happiness and optimism. By creating and enjoying the beauty of unique objects, we are able to forget about ourselves and our troubles for a while. 

Art stimulates our senses

Arts and crafts connect us to earth and nature realising that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Art is feelings, relations and culture. Art has a major potential to make the world a better place. More than ever before, business owners need to find a unique potential for their businesses. Art can be a way to survive, as it pays no heed to rules, conditions or skin color.

Unfold your artistic talent

Formland’s ART BREAK area includes a Japanese-inspired trend café that celebrates art – the infinite source of inspiration. At the ART BREAK area in hall H, visitors can attend a range of exciting workshops, held by creative speakers, and stock up on inspiration free of charge.

Enjoy a creative art break

You need energy, tranquillity and balance to enable new ways of thinking and behaving. Taking time to live in the moment is essential. 
Therefore, Danish trend expert Anette Eckmann has invited several creative and impassioned performing artists to share expert advice.  

Free workshops and art talks

Take time to visit the ART BREAK area so that you can learn to explore and challenge your creative skills. You will also be able to collect inspiration on how to create an artistic style in your store. Furthermore, you will learn how to improve your customer insight paving the way for renewed passion and inspiration. There are so many possibilities – you will only be limited by time and imagination. 

A moment of refuge from a chaotic world 

Learn how to curate beautiful products with a twist that will excite and surprice customers in your store. Use your creative freedom as a source of inspiration to select and mix design, art, handicrafts, materials, colors, patterns and styles in a compelling and unpretentious way. This will enable you to create a new kind of spaciousness and energy in your store. 

Japanese Café

The Japanese YUTAKA eatery offers an artistic lunch served in a Japanese Bento Box, the equivalent of a Danish packed lunch – however, there is a major difference. A Japanese Bento Box is an aesthetic indulgence and an artistic experience. 
Onigiri and Takoyaki are neatly arranged along with other small Japanese delicacies. Treat yourself to a peaceful ART BREAK where you can enjoy a tasty cup of Matcha tea.

Enjoy the moment, the food and the beauty of the surroundings while taking a sip of your tea. It calms your heart and mind – and it gives you peace to work.