Circular Formland Days 2024

A special concept area showcasing select start-ups

Circular Formland Days in hall H

Stop by Formland’s unique concept area featuring live workshops with selected entrepreneurs engaged in the circular economy, each in their own way. 

Explore brands within wood, steel, clothing, decoration articles, and arts & crafts, all sharing a common vision of sustainability and creativity. 



Learn more about the different brands in the area



A Danish fashion brand specialising in unisex clothing that encourages innovation. The brand inspires individuals to refresh their wardrobe in a personal way while simultaneously fostering sustainability. This platform offers unique accessories, decor items, and shirt pockets designed in partnership with Danish artists and designers.


A Danish company dedicated to utilising surplus textiles from various sources such as manufacturers, retailers, and laundries. These surplus textiles are carefully selected, ensuring that only the most suitable materials are used in production.

// Liselotte Hornstrup //

A Danish fashion company with a design DNA centered around strengthening individuality, while allowing room for free play. The brand's identity is monochrome and dark with raw edges and details. It tells an innovative story about craftsmanship and clothing made to last, in contrast to the throw-away culture. Everything is manufactured in Denmark at a Danish sewing facility, with 50 percent of the materials being deadstock.

A Danish manufacturer of interior products using coffee bag fabric from Danish micro-roasteries. All products match the individual prints on the coffee bag, each conveying a unique story and displaying a distinct expression – just like you and me. The story about the work of a coffee farmer, the cooperation with a Danish micro-roastery, and a dedicated entrepreneur all result in soulful and charming products contributing to a cozy atmosphere in your home or any other building – whether it's for business or pleasure.


Created by photographer Bo Jensen, who has been collecting photos from the region and nature near the sea for several years. Later, wooden fish, handmade lamps, mobiles, sculptures, and small wooden boxes with sea shells have been added to the product range – all created from findings from the shore and other selected recycling materials gathered in various ways. Unique creations that breathe new life into the materials, hopefully resulting in long-lasting products.

Sy Studio

Sy Studio is a B2B sewing house located in the heart of Central Jutland in a town called Ikast. This sewing house has extensive experience in providing customized solutions to a broad range of companies. The entire manufacturing process is characterized by minimal waste, and any small surplus material is handled responsibly by business partners, who either use the material as it is or recycle it into new materials. The dedication to avoiding surplus production and reducing waste also applies to deadstock materials.

Simple Made

At the heart of this company lies a core story that celebrates minimalistic design, extraordinary craftsmanship, and a deep respect for Nordic design traditions. Simple Made is dedicated to crafting furniture that is not only functional and long-lasting but also displays inner beauty – with the hope of instilling these values in even more homes as a counterpoint to our throwaway culture. The products are designed following a minimum waste approach.

Homemade Living

At Homemade Living, recycling and reuse are anything but boring. Their product range, which includes reusable gift wrapping, fabric bags, and coffee filters, proves that it is possible to care for the environment while surrounding yourself with beautiful and functional items that make sense. Homemade Living carefully manufactures each order as it is received, thus avoiding a large stock. This ensures that every product is not only sustainable but also crafted with care and quality.


Underflod designs and develops interior products made in Danish prisons and sheltered workshops by physically or mentally disabled individuals. The company is dedicated to creating products that make sense for nature and humans – primarily using recycled materials. All wooden products are made of recycled wood or surplus wood from the furniture industry – this also applies to aluminum and painting.