A kind of Nature



Digital technology affects us on a daily basis. At the trend zone in Hall D, you can escape from digitalism for a while and go “back to basics”. ‘A kind of Nature’ reflects nature and its countless sources of inspiration with strong emphasis on the near and the original.

We find ourselves in a time where the climatic crisis has made its mark and the digitalization becomes more complex. It is a confusing process. We seek home. Home to the near and authentic.

A kind of Nature is a spatial abstraction of the nature and its countless sources of inspiration. An aesthetic orchestration in a light purple, midtnight blue and a light grit color filled with products that refers to nature in either color, material, pattern or shape.    

We seek natural materials, which give us a feeling of something original and pure, of silence and cosiness. We seek handmade products with a relevant story and a personal expression. We seek new ways on how to recycle materials which warns us of changes ahead. 

A Kind of Nature has roots in the 70’es and start 80’es where the dominating natural materials where sisal, cork and hessian. Round corners and structured surfaces together with materials as wool and velvet helps each other to support the soft and natural expression. Glass bricks and brick floors are also back together with metals as gold and brass. The colors are light, dull and pastel-like and milk tones are the “new neutrals” which are used on walls and accessories.

A Kind of Nature is a natural boost of inspiration and nourishment. Use it. Wrap yourself in it. Feel it!

we look forward to se you at the trend zone 'a kind of nature' In Hall D.


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